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Semtrac Set 4.2 (TIS configuration available)

Soft Embryo Transfer Catheter

The Semtrac Set is a soft embryo transfer catheter set for difficult embryo transfers.


  • Soft bullet shaped tip to minimize trauma
  • Three piece catheter for difficult transfers
  • 5 free mandrels, to preshape the guiding catheter, in every box of 25 pieces
  • Reinforced shaft of loading catheter for optimal control
  • Handle with luer lock for a more secure fitting to syringes
  • Available with Tip-in-Sight (TIS) technology for precise positioning of the catheter tip under ultrasound guidance

More information about the TIS technology

Gyno Info Semtrac Set 4.2 (TIS configuration available)


Guiding catheter (A) 158 mm
Loading catheter (C) 232 mm

Tube OD:

A) 2.55 mm
C) 1.70 mm

Total Volume:

0.23 ml

Total volume minus hub:

0.081 ml

Sterile:ETO sterilized

75/shipping box

Quality control:MEA and LAL
Order number:#2000 Set 4.2
#2000 Set 4.2 TIS

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