Embryo Transfer

Tip-in-Sight (TIS)

Echogenic tip for better visibility under ultrasound guidance

The Tip-in-Sight (TIS) technology supports precise positioning of the Embryo Transfer loading catheter (C) tip under ultrasound guidance. Various configurations of the Emtrac, Semtrac and The Tulip Embryo Transfer catheters are available with TIS technology.


  • More precise positioning of the catheter and placement of the embryo during the transfer procedure


Gyno Info Tip-in-Sight (TIS)

Order number:#4000 Tulip S TIS
#4000 S Memo TIS
#4000 L TIS
#4000 L Memo TIS
#4000 Tulip LS TIS
#4000 LS Memo TIS
#2000 C TIS
#2000 Set 4.2 TIS
#2000 Set 5 TIS
#2000 W-180 TIS
#2000 W-240 TIS
#4219 Delphin TIS

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