IVF laboratory

Handling Pipette

Pipette For Handling Embryos And Oocytes

The handling pipette is a single-use IVF laboratory micropipette used for transferring oocytes and embryos from one dish to another.


  • IVF laboratory micropipette for dish-to-dish transfer of oocytes and embryos
  • Will not scratch dishes
  • Available in three lengths: 45, 55 and 94 mm
  • Available in two packaging variations: single packed and packed by ten pieces

Gyno Info Handling Pipette


45, 55 or 94mm

Tube OD:

1.25 mm

Tube ID:

1.00 mm

Sterile:sterilized by gamma irradiation

250/shipping box (1/pouch)

Quality control:MEA and LAL
Order number:#3145 (45 mm, 1/pouch)
#3100 (55 mm, 1/pouch)
#3125 (94 mm, 1/pouch)

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