About Gynétics

What we do and why we do it.

Gynétics Medical Products is a leading, innovative, international manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality IVF devices and appliances in the global IVF market. Developing top quality products and providing great service are at the core of our business. We think fast, are flexible, and always carefully consider our clients’ needs.


By playing a modest part in a precarious and uncertain process, our IVF products make an important contribution to the creation of a new life. This makes us feel good. Our determined focus on the latest developments is a key driver of our success.


Family is in our DNA. We're like a family to our Belgian employees, to our global partners, and to those who use our products. Working together, we can achieve great things.


About us

Gynétics serves people: our employees, our global partners and gynaecologists. Together we all contribute to a very important cause. This is something we at Gynétics are very proud of, and a responsibility we take very seriously.

Quality, without a doubt

Our products are part of the final step in the process of an IVF treatment. And, since the treatment itself already has plenty of uncertainties, it's vital that our products are of the highest quality. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Further to this principle, we continually improve our products, incorporating the latest developments. We're proud to play a role in the process of creating new life.

All Gynétics products are manufactured from latex free materials, suitable for human-assisted reproduction.

Assembled in a clean room, the products are subjected to stringent testing and the highest Quality assurance procedures.